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An AYUTU workshop

In keeping with our commitment to the continued progress and participation of youth in development, Rastar Music has established a charity outreach organization: AYUTU – All Youth Unite Towards Upliftment.

AYUTU was conceptualised to integrate music and film as an advocacy tool. Our purpose is to utilize the creative arts in implementing and furthering opportunities for the cultural advancement of youth. Additionally, the aim is to foster local talent with programs that will educate, advise, support and expand young people as integral members of a progressive community, both individually and collectively whilst synchronously strengthening the vibrant    indigenous music and art cultures.


By networking, Rastar envisions youth alliances coming together to contribute their positive input for the greater welfare of humanity.

In 2009, AYUTU plans to launch educational workshops to enhance training and facilitate awareness in Southern Africa, with collaboration from government agencies, private investors, corporate sponsors and the international donor community.

An AYUTU classroom


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