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In 2011-2012, AYUTU is organising a series of workshops throughout the African continent - namely in Southern Africa. For further information, check the AYUTU page.




This film is about oppression and upliftment, the past and future, our quest for unity, African liberation, repatriation, social equity, peace and love. It will offer an intimate view of the Rastafari movement, documenting the elders of Rastafari, the founders of the movement, from their journey as outcasts, and the “Shoot first, ask questions later” days to the present as the living culture bearers of Jamaica.  The documentary film 'Lion Speaks' is currently in pre-production. 


Releases from Kariang Records and Love Injection Production are now available for download online. New work including Guinney Pepper 'Turn it On', Ernest Wilson ‘Timeless Classics’ and compilation albums ‘Dancehall Pressure’, along with staples Sizzla & Bredren ‘Liberate Yourself’ and ‘Healing of the Nation’ can be easily acquired.

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Much more than a concert film, Africa Unite is a powerful teaching tool that provides insight into the challenges and opportunities facing Africans on the Continent and within the Diaspora. Africa Unite reframes the image of Africa presented in the western media, from a continent of famine and genocide, to the birthplace of civilization and home to one of the world's most beloved musicians: Bob Marley. It gives a voice to African youth who are directing their unique talent and skills to move the continent forward. Africa Unite, directed by Stephanie Black, was released on 6th February 2008 and is available to purchase online. You can access the interactive resource guide here.

“Our generation is strong and must be willing to act NOW – as it is later than we think”. 




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