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His Majesty Haile Selassie

"I can think of the fact that His Majesty, of course is a descendant of Solomon. If I can recall the biblical phrase correctly, when King David died and the LORD asked Solomon what he wanted most, Solomon said, “LORD, give me an understanding heart”. And because he asked for that, he received great wisdom, a long life and, of course, he had an understanding heart.

So it is with His Majesty. He has wisdom. He has had a long life and I know from personal experience, an understanding heart.

So tonight we honour him for what he has been to his country, to his continent, and to the world. We honour him also for what he means to history. What he means to history is something more than that of a national leader, or continental leader, or a world leader. What he means is a Spirit, a Spirit that in these days we sometimes think is lost: The Spirit does not give up when all odds seem too difficult to overcome; the Spirit that will not compromise when there is no compromise which would not destroy that in which he believed; the Spirit that inspired us all in 1936 when we saw him standing tall and proud before the League of Nations, talking for what all of the pragmatists, all of the realists said was a lost cause. Because he spoke so strongly and proudly and vigorously, for what was said to be a lost cause, he was victorious; but what was more important, the cause of freedom, of strong men who refused to be overcome by the odds and by the difficulties – that survived.

What His Majesty leaves, that heritage on his pages of the history books of the world, means more than the leadership of a nation, or a continent, or for that matter, the world, and for that moment of inspirational leadership we are all in his debt."
Excerpts from the White House Press Release in reference to His Majesty’s return as the Messiah – July 8th, 1969


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