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Established in 1987, Rastar Music specializes in concert promotions, consultancy and artist management, while also working as a booking agent for music artistes. The company is expressly aligned to production and development, through the platform of mass media. Embracing technological advancement, Rastar Music now facilitates online distribution for recording artists and labels. Our vast experience in the creative arts extends
to a diverse range of ventures within the media and entertainment industries.                                                                                                

Rastar Music has organised successful reggae concerts in The Caribbean, North America, Europe, The Pacific and Africa, presenting acclaimed artists including Bunny Wailer, Buju Banton, Junior Reid, Ini Kamoze, Dennis Brown, Everton Blender, Iqulah, The Abyssinians, Kulcha Knox, Mighty Diamonds and Junior Delgado.

Working through the medium of reggae, harnessing the genre's power and positive messages, Rastar Music aims to enhance awareness across all spectrums, specifically focussing on youth cultures to enable their development.  Using the creative arts as an advocacy tool, our intention is to assist with building consciousness and to provide a means of empowerment. By utilizing our musical base across the world, Rastar Music is a committed participant towards youth development projects.



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AYUTU workshop


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